We continue to reap success as a company, this time the good news comes from Nakasawa India Private Limited. Since June 8th, 2022, our team of experts are in the Rajasthan oil field, working on the Cyclic Steam Stimulation Operation (CSS) project for Oil India Limited.

Currently, our Super Matroid technology is on site and in the process of operational preparations to boost the growth and performance of the Baghewala oilfield in Rajasthan. A key aspect of this involves the configuration and connection of equipment to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems, more commonly referred to as SCADA. In this way, operating parameters can be optimized, alarm conditions can be defined and planned reactions can be planned.

The technical team is also conducting hydrostatic, pressure, and flow tests to obtain IBR certification, which quantifies risk in order to make informed decisions on how, where and when to inspect assets. In India, IBR certification regulates the design, manufacture, and inspection of any boiler. The steam generator is an energy intensive piece of equipment, and its proper design and inspection compromises both safety and life risk.

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