Who we are

José Wilfredo Molina
Chief Executive Officer

“At Nakasawa Resources, we invest in technological innovation to optimize processes and lessen the oil industry’s negative impact on the world.”

We are a global leader in innovative oil and gas production technologies that strives to deliver world-class thermal enhanced oil recovery (TEOR) solutions. Our four business divisions manage both small and large steam injection projects to increase oil well production for our clients.


Since Nakasawa Resources’ foundation in 2001, we have been committed to serving the oil and gas industry through innovative upstream technology solutions. In the years since we have grown and expanded our operations to more than 3 continents.

Since our beginnings, we have maintained a firm commitment to our philosophy and values. We operate under strict quality and ethical standards to provide our customers with the best service possible and help them navigate today’s fundamentally volatile world.



We are committed to generating profitable results by designing, developing, and manufacturing upstream technologies with innovation and effectiveness.


Nakasawa Resources holds operations in over 3 continents and count with significant manufacturing operations in the United States, Canada, and China.


Since the moment Nakasawa Resources started, we continued building a solid and reliable company.


We are proud to say that we have improved the efficiency of the wells of our clients and of their production capabilities.


We are a leading upstream technology company that strives to optimize oil production in existing wells, using thermal enhanced oil recovery (TEOR) solutions to ensure the success of our clients’ projects through sustainable and innovative practices.