Nakasawa signs contract with Oil India Limited to pilot test Super Matroid Technologies at Rajasthan Field

The project is billed as Uninterrupted Cycled Steam Stimulation (CSS) operation for production of heavy oil for the Baghewala Field at Rajasthan of Oil India Limited and will feature Nakasawa Super Matroid technologies to support the OIL India all-around growth and strengthens economic competitiveness. 

The Super Matroid System to be provided for the contract includes steam generator, water treatment plant, mobile lab, comm center, steam pipeline, and industrial solution services. The Nakasawa technology has the potential to drive the overall growth of Enhanced Oil Recovery for the Baghewala field, featuring a fully automated system to inject 60 million tons of high-pressure steam into existing wells. 

At the ceremony, Mr. Sudish Kumar, Executive Director of OIL India Rajasthan office, signed the contract with Mr. José Wilfredo Molina, Founder, and Chairman of the Board of Nakasawa India Private Limited.

Executive Director of OIL Mr. Sudish Kumar expressed: We are committed to bringing advanced technological partnerships that can benefit our economic growth in the recuperation of production at Rajasthan Field. 

In the words of Nakasawa Mr. Jose W Molina, “This contract marks our vision to strengthen a foreign investment that contributes to the socio-economic growth of OIL India by bringing the latest technologies for greater oil sector efficiencies and set to generate annual revenue of millions once completed.

Oil India Limited (OIL) is an Indian oil exploration and production company that started operations in 1889 and is Indias second-largest national oil and gas company. The company is an expert in new and mature reservoirs management and enhanced oil recovery technologies (EOR).In addition to its presence in India, OIL has a stake in blocks in countries such as Russia, the
United States, Venezuela, Mozambique, Nigeria, Gabon, Bangladesh and Libya.

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