We concluded the first injection phase of the Baghewala field project.  

We continue to work hard and evenly to accompany and lead the success of our customers. On this occasion, we celebrate the completion of the steam injection cycle in the first well of the Baghewala field in Rajasthan; where our operations have been running since April 2022 in the Cyclic Steam Stimulation Operation (CSS) project for Oil India Limited, the second-largest national oil and gas company in India.

Currently, Super Matroid technology is accompanying the project to boost the growth and performance of the Baghewala oilfield, where our team is preparing for the demobilization process and transfer to the second well after 17 days of injection in the BGW-17 well (Baghewala oilfield).

This innovative Nakasawa system optimizes oil recovery throughout the extraction process, thanks to a fully automated process to inject 60 million tons of high-pressure steam into existing wells. It also reduces the environmental impact of conventional OTSGs by closely controlling flue gas emissions.

A key aspect to the success of our operations is that Super Matroid systems are fully portable and compliant with ground transportation regulations, allowing for complete and easy mobilization across equidistant injection points within an oil field and urban roads.

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