Nakasawa Resources appoints new CEO for the Americas, Asia and Middle East regions

MIAMI, Fla., Jan 19th, 2022 – Nakasawa Resources, a leading upstream technology company focused on the development of global oil and gas production, announced today that Jose David Molina has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of the company. Molina will succeed Jose Wilfredo Molina and continue guiding the company to deliver premier services and results to its clients through high-quality standards and efficiency-oriented innovations in the oil and gas sector. 

Jose David Molina has more than 10 years of experience in finance, specializing in strategic financial management for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects. Prior to his new appointment, he held the role of vice president of finance, where he was responsible for Nakasawa Resources’ overall financial operations and programmatic support to the organization. Throughout his career, he has led and executed thermal enhanced oil recovery (TEOR) projects in the United States, Latin America, Canada, the Middle East and Asia. 

“In his years working at Nakasawa Resources, Jose David has demonstrated his commitment and vast knowledge of the company. His track-record of successful financial strategy implementation and entrepreneurial attitude is exactly what we need to continue driving the business forward,” said Jose Wilfredo Molina, who will step down as CEO and continue to serve in the company as Founder and Chairman. “It brings me joy to know that my son will continue the Molina legacy and take over my role, as I am confident he will ensure our clients continue thriving through our latest innovations and services.” 

Nakasawa Resources was founded in 2001 by Jose Wilfredo Molina, and since its inception, the company has focused on providing innovative upstream technology solutions that reduce negative environmental impacts. The organization is committed to maximizing production in heavy oil fields, develop unique engineering designs and providing high-quality technology such as its thermal enhanced oil recovery (TEOR) systems, the Super Matroid Heater (SMH) and Super Matroid Cyclone (SMC), which are designed to optimize oil production from existing wells and increase profitability while reducing the environmental impact of conventional technologies. 

“I am honored to step into this new role and spearhead the organization’s growth and expansion to continue providing clients with some of the industry’s most innovative EOR systems and services,” stated Jose David Molina, Nakasawa Resources’ newly appointed CEO. “Our utmost priority continues to be to drive innovation in the oil and gas industry, not only to deliver optimal performance and cost-effective results to our clients, but to set the premise for more environmentally-friendly practices able to adapt to the sector’s changing landscape.”

Jose David Molina holds a Bachelor of Science with a minor in Marketing from Florida International University.

Nakasawa Resources has major manufacturing operations in the United States, Canada, and Asia. The company is also recognized for its ongoing work in various Latin American countries, including Venezuela and Colombia.

About Nakasawa Resources

Nakasawa Resources, founded in 2001, is a global leader in upstream oil and gas production technologies. Since its foundation, the company has been guided by one fundamental principle: Efficiency. Nakasawa is committed to generating profitable results through the design, development, and manufacture of innovative technologies, which has allowed it to successfully manage large-scale projects from design to completion and maintenance.