The Environmental Sustainability of the Oil Industry

It is no secret that environmental pollution goes hand in hand with the oil industry. The industry’s impact on the environment is extensive and expansive and has significant global repercussions that could even be irreversible.

Nevertheless, despite all the environmental impacts resulting from oil production around the world, the truth is that this resource still provides about 40% of the global energy, with many countries completely dependent on oil to meet their energy needs. It is precisely because of this dependence that we are seeing a progressive energy transition, where there is a development of new models of renewable energy and there are also advances in optimizing traditional energy processes.

This process is slow but necessary. There is no doubt that progress towards environmental sustainability in the oil industry is increasingly pivotal, but change must be addressed by ensuring the availability of energy supply.

Meanwhile, the need for more sustainable and environmentally friendly processes throughout the oil value chain has become a determining factor in the long-term viability of the industry.

Oil companies looking to survive the changes carried by the future of the energy sector are already adopting and working with greener business models. And without a doubt, technological innovation is our great ally in designing processes that allow us to maximize the production of cleaner oil, reduce costs, and minimize the impact on the environment.