Geoscience and Production Manager

Antonio Ortiz is a petroleum engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the upstream segment and a master’s in Reservoir Evaluation and Management. Over the course of his career, he has specialized in projects for both the static and dynamic characterization of heavy, extra-heavy, and bituminous oil reservoirs, as well as planning and executing exploitation plans, technical-economic feasibility studies in mature reservoirs, and enhanced oil recovery projects. He currently works for Nakasawa Resources as the Geoscience and Production Manager.

Ortiz also has extensive experience planning, coordinating, executing, and monitoring thermal (cyclic and continuous) and chemical (polymer and surfactant) recovery projects. He has held positions related to reservoir characterization, development, and management, as well as enhanced oil recovery. Before joining Nakasawa Resources, he performed several technical-economic feasibility analyses in exploration and production projects for medium-heavy oil fields located in Colombia, Ecuador, Jordan, Mexico, Paraguay, and Venezuela. Ortiz has published 3 technical articles and participated as a speaker in international events. He has also mentored over 10 undergraduate and graduate theses related to dynamic reservoir evaluation, characterization, exploitation schemes, and productivity.