Strategic Project Planning Leader

Ana Karina Matute is the Strategic Project Development Strategy Leader for Nakasawa Resources, in addition to her role as a specialist in the area of ​​Geology, Geoscience and Enhanced Oil Recovery. Senior Geological Engineer; with 16 years of experience in; supervise and promote strategies in the control of the operational, planning and strategic management of the OIL / Gas sector.

Extensive experience in directing, controlling and evaluating the technical, financial and organizational resources, related to the production of hydrocarbons and improvement of crude oil, oil projects, framed in the Business Plan, which allows to ensure the success of the project, with premises of optimization of costs, based on business visualization and strategic planning. Risk analysis of integrated systems projects. Monitoring of contracting processes, planning and control of oil projects

Experience in Exploration, Delimitation, Trajectory Planning, Target Identification, Execution and Construction of Vertical and Directional Oil Wells. Geological Analysis of Conventional and Non-conventional Deposits, oriented to Enhanced Oil Recovery projects.