Nakasawa is dedicated to ensuring its clients’ success by building a technical alliance that starts with project strategic design and continues through to its implementation, maintenance, and monitoring.

Nakasawa provides full project implementation services, including the human resources and consumables needed to ensure successful enhanced oil recovery in new and mature heavy oil wells.


Nakasawa Resources accompanies its clients throughout the steam injection process.

  • Reservoir analysis.
  • Steam generator service and operation, including equipment and auxiliary services.
  • Completion systems and equipment for injection wells.
  • Completion systems and equipment for production wells.
  • Monitoring and optimization reservoir variables and production.


Nakasawa’s services incorporate operational parameter monitoring during the injection and post-injection stages to keep close control over all operations and guarantee optimal equipment performance.

The Super Matroid Heater and Super Matroid Cyclone systems come with cutting-edge technological sensors to measure downhole and surface parameters. This setup also means potential problems can be detected in advance and the decision-making process streamlined, to help to optimize production in real-time.


With a Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system using radio and/or optical fiber, actions can be carried out in real-time. This service also provides automatic measurements of operational parameters, surface, and bottom conditions.

All data is collected and integrated into a Master PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) linked to a central database, ensuring it is accessible through an application to allow users to view the current status of the steam generation and injection process in real-time and on all mobile devices.