Centroamérica Economía | Nakasawa Resources presents its latest technological advance to optimize oil production: The Super Matroid Heater ™ and Super Matroid Cyclone ™

Super Matroid Heater ™  (SMH) and Super Matroid Cyclone ™  (SMC) technology ensure improved recovery of earnings from produced oil, resulting in a higher value projection.

Miami, November 19, 2020 –    Both technologies are intended to optimize oil production in existing fields, offering companies in the sector an opportunity to ensure greater profitability, and at the same time reduce the environmental impact of the use of other conventional technologies.

“At Nakasawa, we know that efficiency and optimization are the key to meeting the global needs of the oil sector,” said José Wilfredo Molina, president and founder of Nakasawa Resources. “Since our inception, we have focused on reaching the highest quality standards and providing the best services and results through advanced technologies focused on the efficiency and optimization of oil wells.”

Both technologies are solutions dedicated to generating and injecting high quality steam into the oil well. The SMH and SMC allow to increase the transfer of heat to the reservoir having greater thermal efficiency, improving the quality of steam on the surface and at the reservoir level, and increasing their productivity. These innovations encourage the production of more oil, reduce expenses and operating time through a more sustainable and profitable process, generating the following benefits:

● a  vapor with more than 95% quality

●  12% less water consumption

● an  increase of up to 15% in crude oil production

●       savings  of up to 25% in operational costs

The SMH is a complete system, dedicated to generating and injecting high quality steam into the oil well. It has advanced technology that encourages the production of more oil, reduces costs and operating time through a more sustainable and profitable process.

On the other hand, the SMC is a solution available for those companies that already have a conventional OTSG and seek to enhance their productivity. This technology is adaptable to any conventional OTSG, and guarantees the same results and capabilities of the SMH.

In addition to having the most advanced technologies, Nakasawa offers its clients a high level of experience in the technical evaluation of high-efficiency alternating steam injection for better oil recovery through SMH and SMC technology. Nakasawa provides an absolute project implementation service, creating a technical alliance that starts from the strategic design of the project through its implementation, maintenance and monitoring, all in order to ensure a successful process of enhanced oil recovery in new heavy oil fields. and mature.

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