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Nakasawa Mining and Energy Ltd., (“Nakasawa”), held an unveiling ceremony in the final quarter of 2017 at their China-based manufacturing facilities. Nakasawa’s flagship (EOR) Enhanced Oil Recovery Steam Generator System, the NK-30TTS. This unveiling is a culmination of efforts that have spanned over 12 months since the project officially commenced in early 2016.

The NK-30TTS is the latest from Nakasawa in their line of EOR Steam Generators, the 25MMBTU/h steam generator meets and exceeds all industry standard requisites for pressure vessels and power boilers, and has been presented with the ASME BPVC (U), and (S) certification stamps of approval. The NK-30 thermal technology system can be acquired individually but, are usually coupled with a water treatment plant trailer, and office trailer with a fully furnished workspace for the operators of the equipment. With the NK-30TTS unveiling an exhibition of Nakasawa’s China-based super-factory production line, capable of fabricating 30 units of equipment per fiscal quarter; Nakasawa intends to create positive momentum in the Latin American upstream oil and gas industry.

NK-30TTS (Design 1800 PSIG) Data:

  • Total Duty per Heater: 25 MMBTU/h
  • Heater Section: Natural Gas/Diesel
  • Service: Vapor
  • Fluid Name: Wate
  • Mass Flow Rate: lb/h 25,000
  • Volumetric Flow Rate: gpm 50

Inlet Conditions:

  • Temperature: °F 90
  • Pressure: psig 2,065
  • Liquid Flow: lb/h 25,000
  • Vapor Flow: lb/h 0

Outlet Conditions:

  • Temperature: °F 623 F @ 1815 psig
  • Pressure: psig 1,815
  • Liquid Flow: lb/h 4,500
  • Vapor Flow: lb/h 20,500
  • Steam Quality: 82

About Nakasawa Mining & Energy Ltd.

Nakasawa designs, engineers, constructs and delivers heavy equipment to global markets for enhanced oil recovery in heavy oil plays. The company is comprised of four business divisions; design and engineering, manufacturing, installations, and the start-up and commissioning of facilities and operating units. Headquartered in Panama City, Panama the company holds additional offices in Miami, Florida and in Shangdong, China.