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Enhanced Oil Recovery Systems

Utilizing Nakasawa’s Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) steam generators recover up to 35% more oil from your mature wells with our portable and barge-mounted steam generator systems. Used in over 70% of projects worldwide, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) systems ensure the highest possible return for the lowest total project cost. Our unique EOR steam generators have a rapid start-up and loadout response, with a compact design and higher fuel efficiency that helps you lower your overhead cost. As with all Nakasawa products, you can be confident of top-tier manufacturing standards and safety allowances. If you’re looking to get the most out of your wells, look no further than our steam generators.

Barge Mounted Systems

  1. The raw water is pumped under pressure into the three-phase water tank, which separates water from oil and sand.
  2. The water is filtered through multi-processes, which include Ultrafiltration System, Micro-Filters, and Reverse Osmosis.
  3. Next, the permeate water is pumped into the polishers, and the oxygen removal results in clean and purified water, ready to be injected in the Steam Generator System.
  4. The pre-heater heats the supplied water with hot water discharged from the economizer and radiant section. It is then further heated via flue gas and flows to the Radiant Section.
  5. Finally, the combustion gases from the burner heat the water into high-pressure steam, which will be injected into the oil field.
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Portable Systems

  1. The raw water is treated and pumped under pressure, via the water supply that goes through to the tube-in-tube water pre-heater.
  2. The pre-heater heats the supplied water with hot water discharged from the economizer section.
  3. The water is further heated via flue gas and then flows to the radiant section.
  4. The combustion gases from the burner heat the water into high- pressure steam.
  5. The high-pressure steam is then injected into the oil field, increasing oil production.
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Nakasawa’s EOR steam generators have the highest probability of enhanced recovery over any other methods.

All our steam generators are suitable for both cyclic steam stimulation and steam flooding recovery approaches.

Generators are available for use (but not limited to) at 25-MMBTU, 50-MMBTU, 70-MMBTU and 100-MMBTU.


Steam injection enhances well recovery by reducing oil viscosity and increasing the internal pressure of the well. In a steam flooding extraction process, raw water is first treated and pumped under pressure into the generator’s preheating system.

It’s then heated using combustion gasses, bringing it to a steam temperature of around 300 degrees Celsius. The steam is forced into the well under pressure by our steam generators, heating the latent oil inside and forcing mobile product towards extraction. The heated steam mobilizes even the most difficult-to-reach bitumen deposits allowing them to fall naturally into your producing well.

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