Vacuum Insulated Tubing


The use of Vacuum Insulated Tubing improves the performance of Steam Injection Processes and guarantees the delivery of High Steam Quality to downhole through the application and installation of the High Vacuum Insulation Tubing NK-VIT™, specially designed for thermal completions.

The use of NK-VIT™ pipe guarantees the highest possible return for the lowest total cost of the project because it protects the integrity of all elements and increases overall wellbore stability, while improving steam delivery performance to the reservoir.

insulated tubing solutions

As with all Nakasawa products, oil companies can be confident of high-level manufacturing standards and safety tolerances offered by NK-VIT™ tubing.

If you are looking to get the most out of your wells, look no further than our High Vacuum Insulation Tubing NK-VIT™ offers great benefits and advantages that optimize Thermal Recovery Processes and Increase the Productivity of Heavy Oil Fields more than 70%.

Our VIT products includes technical solutions engineered for today’s well completion challenges. Each product line is comprised of specific models optimized for different applications as outlined in the chart below:


Our Vacuum Insulated Tubing (NK-VIT™) consists of a concentric tubes set (outer and inner tube), which have a high vacuum atmosphere that is achieved mechanically and chemically by vacuum pumps to activate the Hydrogen and Gases Getter until reaching the pressure of absolute zero, eliminating convective heat transfer and reducing the conduction and radiation effects in the annular space between both tubes. In addition, NK-VIT™ guarantee an optimal performance and delivering high steam quality into the oil formation.

To mitigate heat loss through of tubes system, our NK-VIT™ design offers high insulation through the inclusion of 8 to 10 layers or thermal barriers based on silica, ceramic, fiberglass and aluminum, thus achieving a Thermal Conductivity Coefficient (K at 360°F) between 0.006 - 0.02 W / m.°C or 0.00346758 ~ 0.0115586 BTU / Hr.Ft.°F (Insulation Grade: E), and thus maintain a high steam quality from surface to downhole. NK-VIT™ operates up to a temperature of 680 °F (360 ° C), with a working pressure up to 3000 PSI.

The inner tube is pre-stressed in order to compensate the elongation between both tubes, and it is welded to outer tube (Double reinforced welding). Supersonic, Radiographic, and Magnetic Particle Inspection Tests are performed to ensure the integrity of all connections, joints, and welds.


NK-VIT™ protects the integrity of all elements and increases overall wellbore stability, while improving steam delivery performance to the reservoir.

Reduces heat loss ensuring optimal steam quality being injected into the oil formation.

Improves well life cycle cost and avoids failure due to well integrity issues (Improvement of tubing runlife: 3 to 5 injection cycles - reuse).

Facilitates injection of superheated steam (at 680 °F) or hot water into the reservoir in order to heat high-viscosity oils.

Prevents the formation and deposition of asphaltenes, resins and paraffins.

NK-VIT™ Tubing can be used in Heavy Oil Production Processes by applying Cyclic and continuous Steam Injection methods (Including: CSS, SAGD, SW-SAGD, HASD, In-Situ Combustion).

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