Super Matroid Heater

The Newest Innovations of High-Quality Steam Generators The Super Matroid Heater by T. Nakasawa

Nakasawa has developed and incorporated a special process to generate up to 95% quality steam using high TDS feed water without loss of condensed water and thermal energy. This makes the EOR steam injection effective and very profitable.

The high-quality steam system consists of a high-efficiency cyclone steam separator, superheater coil, control valve mixers, and steam quality sampling system.

The complete system is mounted and tubed in a compact skate, except for the superheater coil that is installed between the radiant zone and the convection zone.

>95% Quality Steam to the Well
57% Inceased Oil Production
6% - 9% Less treated water required to deliver heat output

The Process:

  • 1Wet steam generation (75% - 80%) in TDS in the feed water.
  • 2The wet steam is then separated into> 99% dry steam and saturated condensate in the high efficiency cyclone separator.
  • 3Dry steam overheats in a superheater coil.
  • 4The superheated steam is re-mixed with the separate condensate to achieve the desired steam dryness of 90% -95% at the outlet of the system and delivered to a wellhead.


No loss of condensate or thermal energy at the steam generator outlet, resulting in fuel savings.

Can safely tolerate high TDS (6000 to 8000 PPM).

Does not require any special process for water treatment other than hardness removal.

The complete system is compact and mounted on a platform.

Requires 6% - 9% less treated water to deliver rated heat output because 95% dry stream has 10% to 12% extra heat.

Increase Oil Production by 12% above the value obtained through conventional OTSG.

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