Insulated thermal pipes

INSULATED Tubing Solutions

Utilizing Nakasawa’s Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) steam generators recover up to 35% more oil from your mature wells with our portable and barge-mounted steam generator systems. Used in over 70% of projects worldwide, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) systems ensure the highest possible return for the lowest total project cost. Our unique EOR steam generators have a rapid start-up and loadout response, with a compact design and higher fuel efficiency that helps you lower your overhead cost. As with all Nakasawa products, you can be confident of top-tier manufacturing standards and safety allowances. If you’re looking to get the most out of your wells, look no further than our steam generators.

insulated tubing solutions


Our vacuum insulated tubing is built using two concentric tubes with an absolute vacuum in between. This means that heat cannot escape via conduction or convection, increasing the exit temperature.

We’ve also included a ten-layer aluminum and fiberglass insulator to protect against radiation. With VIT, heat loss is kept well within the 0.002 – 0.006 W/Ml – °C W/ML-°C range whilst maintaining a uniform steam quality across the pipe. Our tubing operates up to a temperature of 680 degrees Fahrenheit with a working pressure of up to 2,600 PSI.


ITP reduces heat lost through tubing by up to 80%

Supports tubing for up to five heat cycles (sometimes more!)

Our tubing keeps a uniform steam quality to transfer maximum caloric load

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