Insulated thermal pipes

The key to a quality steam injection system is heat. High steam temperatures reduce the viscosity of bitumen in even the most difficult to reach areas of your well. In most EOR steam injection systems, steam loses colossal amounts of heat before it even reaches the stagnant heavy oil. That is why our Vacuum Insulated Piping is so compatible with Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) steam injection systems. This specialized vacuum-insulated pipework ensures that every degree of heat travels further, making for a more productive and cost-efficient injection system. If you are hoping to get the very best out of your steam injection process, Vacuum Insulated Piping is for you.


  • ITP reduces heat lost through tubing by up to 80%

  • Supports tubing for up to five heat cycles (sometimes more!)

  • Our tubing keeps a uniform steam quality to transfer maximum caloric load

How it Works

Our vacuum insulated tubing is built using two concentric tubes with an absolute vacuum in between. This means that heat cannot escape via conduction or convection, increasing the exit temperature. We’ve also included a ten-layer aluminum and fiberglass insulator to protect against radiation. With VIT, heat loss is kept well within the 0.002 – 0.006 W/Ml – °C W/ML-°C range whilst maintaining a uniform steam quality across the pipe. Our tubing operates up to a temperature of 680 degrees Fahrenheit with a working pressure of up to 2,600 PSI.