About Us

Since the early days, Nakasawa Technologies have been guided by one founding principle; efficiency. We believe it’s the key to sustaining the development of oil and gas production to meet the world’s growing energy needs.That’s why we work with only the best professionals and most precise technologies to provide top-tier upstream solutions. By optimizing recovery, we extend the lifecycle of your reservoir, lessen the environmental impact, and make your project more profitable.

Our mix of integrated services, products, and expertise help you to manage large-scale projects in their entirety, from design through to completion and Maintenance.

Nakasawa’s Business Divisions

Nakasawa Resources is comprised of four business divisions; design and engineering, manufacturing, installations, and the start-up and commissioning of facilities and operating units.

Each business division is responsible and accountable for strategy, new technology research and development, new process development, personnel advancement and economic efficiencies for its clients.

Nakasawa has made significant investments to ensure that each division has its own subject-matter experts, teams, team leaders, and quality control supervisors. As a result, Nakasawa is justifiably proud of its ability to roll out lessons learned from each division to be utilized by every other division as well as to global corporate headquarters.

This ability, to quickly and opportunistically take advantage of new learnings, differentiates Nakasawa from its competitors and raises it above the rest of the pack.

Corporate Vision

Nakasawa’s vision is to be the preferred upstream technology supplier for the development of global oil and gas production.

Corporate Mission

To continue to achieve its vision, Nakasawa’s mission is to provide solutions to economically increase the amount of oil that can be extracted throughout the entire upstream oil production process.
This mission is based upon delivering the following fundamental pillars:

  • Maximizing production
  • High-end technology
  • Unique engineering designs

Corporate Values and Philosophy

Since its formation, Nakasawa has held a firm commitment to its corporate values and philosophies. At the very base is the knowledge that strict high standards and faultless ethical methods are not only beneficial to its clients, but are absolutely necessary for its continued exceptional success in today’s a highly competitive and fundamentally volatile market.
Specifically, Nakasawa’s value-philosophy standards include: Transparency, Teamwork, Innovation, High Quality Standards, and Commitment. These values and philosophies have proven to be the center of Nakasawa’s success, evidenced by its overwhelmingly long-lived client relationships and business-to-business referrals.

    Corporate Health, Safety and Environment

    (HSE) practices are incorporated in everything we do. As a company, we have formed and abide by a comprehensive structure of laws, rules, guidance and processes designed to protect and safeguard our employees, our clients, the regional public and the environment. Regulatory requirements play an important role in safe practices, and all regional and federal laws and regulations are supported, posted and followed.
    Nakasawa’s HSE code has two general objectives:

    • The absolute prevention of incidents or accidents that could result from normal or abnormal operating conditions.
    • The reduction of adverse effects that could result from normal operating conditions.